Articles | December 2016

  • Give It All to Him

    Devotionals | December 30, 2016

    Scripture urges us to place every aspect of our lives in God’s hands. All that has gone before, everything we are currently experiencing, and whatever the future holds—all that our lives entail—can be safely entrusted to Him. Do you have regrets? Confess them, and leave them with Him. Do you carry anxiety and fear? He offers to carry them for you if you will simply give them over to His keeping. Do you wonder what the future will be? As His child, you can confidently rest in knowing that the Almighty God, Creator and Ruler of the universe, has you in His hands.

  • Later Is Now

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | December 29, 2016

    “You know this blood test is almost out of date. I wouldn’t be able to issue your license if it were any later.” The county clerk was chastising us for waiting until the last minute to apply for our marriage license. No matter that this was the first chance my fiancé and I were able to be in the same state before our upcoming wedding. We really didn’t need any reminders of our long separation.

    “But it isn’t out of date. And we’re here now.” I said a little testily.

  • Try building a better culture ... as best you can

    Blog | Owen Phelps | December 28, 2016

    We were in the middle of a ministry formation class when one of the participants made a point: “Leading like Jesus is a lot easier if you’re getting support from the people around you.”

    “That’s why your parents urged you to pick good friends, right?” I asked rhetorically. “And that’s why those of you who are parents are now urging your kids to do the same thing.”

    The room was full of knowing smiles punctuated by several heads moving up and down. We knew. We all knew.

  • Bringing God Glory

    Devotionals | December 28, 2016

    Jesus lived to bring God glory. He came to reveal God to people who had lost their way and could no longer see God clearly. He opened physically blind eyes, and He opened spiritually blinded eyes. He wanted people to see God’s greatness and goodness, His glory. As a result, Jesus’ life shone with the presence and power of God. All who met Him realized there was something different about Him. Who does your life bring glory to, yourself or God? To whom do you want to bring glory? Prayerfully consider your answer to these questions. This is a matter of the heart. How is your heart today?

  • Barbara Glanz: Coping With Change

    How to thrive in the midst of change

    Podcast | December 27, 2016

    Barbara Glanz, a member of the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame and one of fewer than 200 female Certified Speaking Professionals worldwide, works with organizations that want to improve morale, retention, and service. Barbara helps people rediscover the joy in their work and in their lives.

    In today's podcast Barbara talks about change, and why change always comes bearing gifts, whether we recognize it right away or not. Barbara walks us through questions we should ask ourselves and those around us in order to fully embrace change, questions like:

  • Re-Gifting

    Devotionals | December 26, 2016

    God has given us so much in Jesus. Through His life, we have received gifts that never break, fade, or go out of style. Because of His gifts to us, we can pass those gifts along to others, multiplying our joy and extending His love. Paul says it best. Because of what Jesus has done for us, we are free to live for others.

  • Heaven-Splitting, Earth-Shattering Love

    Devotionals | December 25, 2016

    God loves people—men and women, boys and girls, everyone and everywhere. This is the heaven-splitting, earth-shattering good news of Jesus’ coming. This reality overwhelmed Mary and the shepherds alike, who were humbled and brought to worship by the gift of God’s love in Jesus’ coming. Little did they know how far that love would go to reclaim a fallen world and bring life, peace, and light to millions.

  • God Burst In

    Devotionals | December 24, 2016

    The story of the heavenly host appearing to the shepherds never gets old, does it? God burst into their lives unexpectedly while they were simply doing what they did every day! Be encouraged as you hear the good news proclaimed again.

  • In the Fullness of Time

    Devotionals | December 23, 2016

    We may find ourselves waiting, seemingly endlessly, for God to fulfill His promises in the world and in our lives. Surely Mary felt this way as she trustingly waited for the Lord to bring about all the details of Gabriel’s proclamation. She knew that the course of her life was God-ordained, but so many details and challenges had to be worked out that she may have been tempted to despair. As she lived through the days of her pregnancy and Jesus’ birth, she gained a testimony of God’s great faithfulness and lovingkindness.

  • People Need Jesus

    Devotionals | December 21, 2016

    Jesus came to restore what sin has broken: fellowship between God and humanity. He calls us to enter into His mission, to partner with Him in the work of redemption and restoration. Broken lives, broken people need His touch. They need to see Jesus, to feel His healing touch, to know His forgiveness and unconditional love. Where will you encounter people who need to know Jesus’ redemption and restoration? Let God use you wherever He places you this week. May others be encouraged to seek Him more because of their interaction with you.