Articles | November 2016

  • Mature Perspective Needed

    Devotionals | November 30, 2016

    In times of upheaval and crisis, we look for people who can offer wisdom and perspective. These qualities are frequently found in those who have trusted God through difficult times in their own lives. They have experienced hardship, suffering, and spent time prayerfully seeking God. As a result, they gain a mature perspective that encompasses knowing what to say, as well as when and how to share it. These men and women offer wisdom, compassion, and truth to encourage us to keep our focus on God’s will and God’s way. Who are the wise in heart truth-tellers in your life?  

  • Brad Lomenick: When Your Leadership Goes Stale

    Your Identity and Your Assignment

    Podcast | November 29, 2016

    In today's podcast Brad Lomenick, author of 3H Leadership and the visionary behind the Catalyst movement for young leaders, shares a personal story of the time he realized his leadership went stale.

    Once he understood that his leadership was not bad, but it was preventing his team from thriving, Brad decided to take some time out and re-evaluate his own calling and identity in Jesus.

    Brad walks us though issues like the importance of self discovery, humility, quiet confidence, and the ability to make healthy transitions as a leader. 

  • How To Incorporate Encouragement Into Your Leadership

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | November 29, 2016

    Are you feeling overwhelmed, overcome, overdrawn or overloaded? What about those you lead? Could they also feel like saying, “Stick a fork in me---I’m done.”?

    Strife is everywhere; as leaders we feel it, and those we influence are also shaking under strife’s weight. We are all hungry for encouragement.

    But what is encouragement and where do you find it?

  • But We

    Devotionals | November 28, 2016

    Jesus’ humility and selfless servanthood stood in contrast to the religious and political leaders of his day. While some may object that selflessly leading by serving will not work, we only need to look at Jesus’ life to know the truth. Others may trust in leadership theories that advocate using position and power to lord it over others, or they may believe that they possess adequate ability within themselves to create change and achieve success. But we—we who call Jesus our leader—can confidently trust His example and mandate. His model stands the test of time.

  • Preparing Our Hearts

    Devotionals | November 25, 2016

    We’re a month away from celebrating Jesus’ birth. For many, this will be a month of holiday preparation, spending, and schedules crowded with events. For others, this will be a month of loneliness, regret, and tears. Wherever this holiday season finds you, Jesus beckons you to come to His side and enter it with Him. He brings a heavenly perspective to earthly activities, soothes the aching heart, and reminds us of the whole purpose of His coming, to bring life—life characterized by God’s presence and light—to the frenzied, helpless masses.

  • Love in Action

    Devotionals | November 23, 2016

    Preparing for special gatherings can be overwhelming, at times overshadowing the meaning and significance of the events themselves. People, even God, can get left behind. Joy and thankfulness can evaporate, replaced by pressure and tension. Mary and Martha struggled with this dynamic. When Jesus visited them, Mary determined just to spend time in the presence of Jesus as their honored guest and family friend, while Martha felt the added responsibility of taking care of preparing food and serving the meal.

  • God's Goodness

    Devotionals | November 22, 2016

    How have you seen God’s goodness in your life? Do you remember who you were when He called you? Have there been times when His mercy and grace have reached down and rescued you? Thanksgiving overflows from the heart of one who has been called into fellowship with God and the family of faith. Let your light shine today, the light spilling from a thankful heart that knows the goodness and love of God. Let Him bring hope where you are tempted to despair, so that you can be a beacon of hope to others.

  • Megan Pacheco

    Who Is Your Audience and Authority?

    When You Get What You Don’t Deserve

    Blog | Megan Pacheco | November 22, 2016

     “Choosing God as your audience means that your eyes are on God, not on people.” – Lead Like Jesus Revisited

    I’m a mom of two boys and I absolutely love it! I cherish every soccer practice, every football season, and every hide-and-seek game with the rowdy cul-de-sac bunch in our backyard.

    I also cherish the hard lessons my boys have to learn in order to grow into courageous, bold, and godly young men. I cherish those moments because they remind me of deep biblical truths that apply to all of us, regardless of our ages or the positions we hold.

  • Choosing Thankfulness

    Devotionals | November 21, 2016

    A human perspective on thankfulness often includes looking at our circumstances and giving thanks based on the blessings and benefits we perceive. Scripture offers a different perspective. We are told to give thanks for who God is, not just what He does for us. Choosing to honor God by giving thanks is just that, a choice that each of us can make, a choice that changes our hearts and perspective. It allows us to move into today with confident expectation. Let thankfulness shape your leadership interactions today.

  • Worth the Sacrifice

    Devotionals | November 18, 2016

    Following Jesus is not without cost, nor is it without sacrifice. Jesus made that clear to His first disciples, and the New Testament and church history show that they willingly gave their lives in His cause. Leading like Jesus is not without cost. We lay down our pride, we lay down our fear, we lay down human desires for prestige and power, and we take on ourselves the discipline of humility. We choose to identify ourselves with the One who saved us, and we follow in His footsteps, giving our lives away for the good of others.