Articles | October 2016

  • Lead Like Jesus (LLJ) announces the launch of the online Biblical DISC Assessment, a powerful new leadership development tool for individuals, couples, churches, teams and organizations.

    Developed in partnership with Author and Behavioral Expert Ken Voges, the Biblical DISC pairs insights from the widely popular DISC model of human behavior, with applicable stories from men and women in the Bible who displayed each behavioral trait.

  • Brought Up Short

    Devotionals | October 03, 2016

    It’s all about Jesus. The words flow easily from our lips in worship, in prayer. Yet do we really believe this? When leadership is difficult, when employees complain and co-workers are uncooperative, how do we respond? Is our perspective centered on how to exalt God in these moments? Are we quick to hear His voice, or quicker to add our own voice in the midst of unexpected upheaval? Ask the Lord to be exalted in your life, to increasingly make you a person whose influence reflects His presence and transformational power.