Articles | September 2016

  • Making Promises We Can’t Keep

    Devotionals | September 30, 2016

    Peter was willing and ready, so he thought, to lay down his life for Jesus. Jesus knew better. Jesus knew that Peter was running on his own strength, depending on what he could do to prove his love for Jesus. Pride is deceptive. It causes us to boast of what we can do, to prove ourselves, to rashly make promises we can’t keep. Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves. He knew that Peter would fail, and would learn the folly of trusting in his own strength. Only this would make him into a humble, God-confident leader who could lead in Jesus’ name.

  • Evan Owens: Letting Go of Security

    How fear can slow our faith

    Podcast | September 29, 2016

    Evan Owens is an Executive Director of Reboot Recovery, a ministry dedicated to helping veterans recover and re-engage with non combat life through spiritual discovery.
    At the peak of his professional and financial success, God called Evan out of the corporate world in order to start a ministry to struggling veterans. 
  • In the Looking Glass

    Reflecting Jesus' Likeness

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | September 29, 2016

    A common attraction at our local county fair is the house of mirrors. When a person walks into the exhibit, one sees their reflection “rearranged” depending on the shape of the mirror’s width or height. One mirror makes you appear dwarf-like, another makes you appear tall and skinny, like a bean pole. As you look at your distorted image, you are deceived by the image you see in the mirror.

  • Hungry for Feedback

    Devotionals | September 27, 2016

    Feedback. It can be encouraging or intimidating, depending on how it is given, and how we are wired to receive it. When we operate out of pride and fear, we have ears only for positive feedback. Even if we want to lead better, live better, follow God more closely, we aren’t open to hearing ways that we could improve. Are you as hungry for feedback as you are for affirmation and praise? Cultivate relationships with trusted friends, co-workers, mentors, and God, and ask for feedback to help you lead like Jesus.

  • If You Ever Want to Say Yes, You Need to Start Saying No

    Blog | Owen Phelps | September 27, 2016

    Don’t you just love those “clean slate” moments in life?

    I think back to my first day in a new town or at a new school. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t have any obligations. No one was waiting for me to work or to play with them. I was really free.

    And each time I learned how very rare, fleeting and limited those moments are.

  • Hungry for Encouragement

    Devotionals | September 26, 2016

    People hunger for encouragement. The prejudice and judgment that characterized bitter relationships between different ethnic and social groups in Jesus’ time continues today. Such criticism and hurtfulness isn’t just ‘out there,’ it erupts within marriages, families, organizations, and even in churches. In its wake are people who need to hear a word of encouragement from those around them, from their leaders, and especially from God. Do you want to be more sensitive to the people around you who hunger for encouragement?

  • Look to Him

    Devotionals | September 23, 2016

    What journey does God have you on right now? What challenges do you face? Whatever your answer to these questions, know that you are not alone today. God is with you. God is on your side. He is the source of life, life eternal, life as it was meant to be lived. Jesus longs to help you find your way. Seek Him and find life. Look to His example. Follow His ways. Allow Him to lead you, and trust Him to do so.

  • Not of this World

    Blog | Karen McGuire | September 22, 2016

    I’m always intrigued by the things people put on their cars, so I try to catch a glimpse of some as I drive. As you’ve observed, there are current and past political stickers, catchy quotes, stick figures of family and pets, “my wonderful child …” stickers, and more.

  • First Look Within

    Devotionals | September 21, 2016

    As leaders, we are often outwardly focused. We see things that need to be done, people that need to be directed, challenged, and encouraged. We see situations requiring input and direction. To be effective in what God calls us to do, we need to focus inwardly before trying to exert our influence. Time to worship, to acknowledge God as the source of life, and the One whom we seek to please; time to allow Him to minister to our souls and recalibrate our hearts; time to hear His wisdom and direction; these are essential practices. Exalting God inwardly leads to exalting God outwardly.

  • We Are One Nation Indivisible Under God...or Are We?

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | September 20, 2016

    Imagine waking up every day to a world of “same.” A world where coffee and soda taste the same. A world where the sun, grass, ocean and sky are all the same color. All flowers look alike; there are no differences among animals. It would certainly make car buying easier; but, that is not the world God envisioned.

    Every day we wake up, reborn, into a world filled with diversity.