Articles | June 2016

  • “I would just like to give praise and glorify Jesus for the miracle that took place,” writes Preston Naidoo.

    One of more than 500 pastors, business leaders, and students who gathered for the Not So With You  leadership conference in South Africa, Preston says the one-day event was a significant turning point in his life.

  • Love-based Leadership

    Devotionals | June 08, 2016

    What difference does love make in how we lead? Self-serving love thwarts our ability to lead like Jesus, while selfless love shows itself in how we treat others. Paul described this kind of love in his letter to the Corinthian church. In a church characterized by divisiveness and sin, he listed attributes of a love that serves the best interests of others.

  • Can I Meet Jesus?

    Blog | Karen McGuire | June 07, 2016

    I was listening to the radio on a drive home recently and part of the early evening programming included a 15-minute segment on the story of Peter Cartwright, an early evangelist in the western U.S. As the story progressed through difficulties and trials, a young man named Claude became part of the narrative. Cartwright felt a great compulsion to share the Gospel message in whatever circumstances in which he found himself, and Claude heard the story of Jesus. He was so convicted by the message that he asked Cartwright, “Can I meet Jesus?”

  • Trusted Leadership

    Devotionals | June 06, 2016

    Jesus was able to point to His life as a basis for calling His disciples to trust Him. He knew that trust is the basis for relationship, communication, and collaboration. Trust flourishes as we speak with integrity, and consistently follow through with our actions. Do our words reflect Jesus’ commitment to speaking truth? Do we speak in love, according to others’ needs? Do we do what we say we will do? As people come to trust that we speak and act in trustworthy ways, and that we have their best interests in mind, they will increasingly trust us to lead them.

  • First, We Confess

    Devotionals | June 03, 2016

    Daily, personal confession directly impacts our ability to give and receive forgiveness in our relationships with others. After examining our own hearts, we need to ask God to reveal what He sees in us. Confessing what He reveals brings forgiveness, and results in renewed humility and God-confidence. As we follow through by making amends, apologizing to those we have wronged, and changing our behavior toward them, our relationships and our leadership are transformed by God’s grace.

  • No More Procrastination

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | June 02, 2016

    Leadership is characterized by action, including the action of being still. The action of waiting is as much a part of leadership as influencing through building, encouraging, modeling grace, and practicing solitude.

    All leaders might choose to be still for a time, but that waiting has nothing to do with procrastination.

    Procrastination is not part of leadership.

    Procrastination poisons leadership. Procrastination kills.

  • God Alone

    Devotionals | June 01, 2016

    What idols do we turn to instead of turning to the LORD? How might these idols reflect our reliance on our personal strengths? Do we tend to trust in our own abilities, our own intelligence and resources, edging God out through self-reliance? Or do our idols reflect our weaknesses, weakening us as we center our lives around them and live under their control, again edging God out of our lives and circumstances? Center your life on Him so that, in your weakness and in your strength, God will be exalted in and through your life.