Articles | May 2016

  • Ever Learning

    Devotionals | May 06, 2016

    Learning to live, love, and lead like Jesus is a lifetime journey. When we get weary, He calls us back to abiding in relationship with Him. He reminds us that He is transforming us to be like Jesus. Increasingly, our hearts will beat in tune with His. We will think like Him. More and more, we will see and treat people as Jesus did, inviting them to join us on this journey. Find hope by refocusing on His promise, and on His power to complete what He has begun in you.

  • The Good Life

    Devotionals | May 06, 2016

    People all over the world are searching for the good life. Unfortunately for many, their sights are set too low. Jesus elevates the standard for the good life. No longer limited to the pleasure and treasure of this world, He opens up new vistas of meaning, purpose, and impact that transcend time. He tells us that the good life is lived in relationship with Him, allowing Him to transform our lives for His purposes. Do you want to live the good life?

  • Phyllis

    The #1 Sign You’re Edging God Out

    Blog | Phyllis Hennecy Hendry | May 05, 2016

    Warning signs are important: a light on your car’s dashboard; the sound of a siren behind you when you are driving; distant thunder before a storm hits. Doctors take your temperature and blood pressure to look for warning signs about the state of your health. We also must check for signs to alert us that our hearts may be out of alignment with God.

    What are the warning signs that we may be falling into the trap of pride or fear? And what safeguards can we leaders put in place to prevent this from happening?

  • Phil Hodges is a co-founder of Lead Like Jesus and a co-author of Lead Like Jesus Revisited.

    In today's podcast Phil discusses ways marketplace leaders, or for that matter most leaders, misunderstand and underestimate Jesus as a leader. Phil shines a light on how so many leaders tend to look at Jesus as irrelevant to their day-to-day operations, and how this separation between the secular and the sacred can take a leader on a very dangerous, or even destructive path. 
  • Grace upon Grace

    Devotionals | May 04, 2016

    None of us is immune from making mistakes in life. So how do we respond when we make a mistake? Do we defend ourselves? Do we blame others? Do we hurry to cover it up so that others will not know? Pride and fear cause us to focus on failure, while humility and confidence allow us to accept God’s forgiving grace and to make amends as needed. How we handle personal failure will shape how we respond to others when they make mistakes (as they inevitably will). Where do you need to receive God’s forgiveness and grace? To whom will you extend that same forgiveness and grace?

  • Heather Day

    7 Deadly Phrases that Kill Collaboration

    Blog | Heather Day | May 03, 2016

    Collaboration. It seems like a brilliant approach to life and business … until you realize it entails working with other people.

    If you’re anything like me – and I like to assume that everyone is – life would be so much simpler if you could just get your work done without having to navigate all the scheduling, political and relational complexities of functioning within a team. Because collaboration is hard. Really hard.

    Yes, “they” say collaboration is a good thing, but is it really worth all the headaches?

  • Unless the Lord

    Devotionals | May 02, 2016

    God calls us to lives of complete surrender to His will and His way. No sphere of life is to be excluded. Each dream and vision, every task and conversation, every relationship is included in His call. The temptation to live and lead in our own strength will always be with us. Yet Solomon reminds us that success comes not from human effort, but from the Lord’s leading the way. Where are you tempted to exclude the Lord from your life and leadership? Invite Him to have His way and to lead the way so that your efforts are not in vain.