Articles | May 2016

  • News Flash! There is no magic pill… for anything.

    There are no “Three Easy Steps” to accomplish something worthwhile in life either, no matter what catchy marketing sound bites tell you. But we already know that.

    There is, however, one simple attitude that can make all the difference in our personal and professional lives.

    Authors and leadership researchers and experts Jim Collins and Morten Hansen describe this concept in their book, Great by Choice.

  • Standing in the LORD’s Presence

    Devotionals | May 30, 2016

    A prerequisite for servants is for them to be aligned with their master’s vision of the future, mission, and values. Only in this way, will they be able to carry out their master’s wishes appropriately. As those whose allegiance is ultimately to the LORD, therefore, time spent in His presence is not optional. No, it is only as we spend time standing in His presence, kneeling humbly before Him, listening to His voice, and allowing His perspective to transform us that we can rise and serve others with God-given confidence.

  • Resisting Change

    Devotionals | May 27, 2016

    Change comes to all of us. Small changes, big changes, each is life-altering in its own way. Smaller changes, a result of daily, even momentary choices, shape our character day by day. As we learn to trust God in these smaller matters, we create a foundation that allows us to more naturally turn to and trust God when bigger changes are called for. In all things, we know that God is for us, and that He wants to use change for His glory and our ultimate good. What changes are you facing?

  • Heather Day

    Destined or Doomed: The Heart of the Marriage Matter

    Blog | Heather Day | May 25, 2016

    They say that opposites attract – and that’s certainly been true for me.

    If our Myers-Briggs types were geographical locations, my ENFP self would be partying with the elves at the North Pole, while my ISTJ husband would be quietly reading amongst the penguins at the South.

    He’s the toast to my jelly. The brake petal to my accelerator. The Milli to my Vanilli. I need him, and he needs me.

    But here’s what “they” don’t always say.

  • Do Not Worry

    Devotionals | May 25, 2016

    Few of us try to make our lives more difficult than they need to be. Yet when difficulties mount, and we are distracted and worried, and we may become anxious. Our stressful reactions only contribute to the problems in front of us. This is just one of the reasons Jesus so emphatically tells us not to worry about our lives. Even more importantly, Jesus knows that our lives are part of the story God is writing. As challenges come your way, let them be reminders to more intentionally seek the Lord, and to follow Him into the future.

  • Garbage In, Garbage Out: Preventing Leader’s Disease

    Blog | Gilbert Camacho | May 24, 2016

    Last week, my daughter, Holley, reminded me of an extremely important leadership, and life, principle. The stuff that comes out is only as good as the stuff that goes in.

    This simple principle is first attributed to George Fuechsel, an early IBM programmer and instructor. Fuechsel is said to have used "garbage in, garbage out" as a concise way of reminding his students that a computer just processes what it is given (TechTarget., March 2008).

  • Forgive as He Forgives

    Devotionals | May 23, 2016

    Forgiveness shows itself in many forms. As we confess our sins to God, His forgiveness pours into our lives, releasing us from guilt and shame, restoring and empowering us to live like Jesus. Our ability to forgive other people flows from this, from having personally received God’s gift of forgiveness. Simply put, forgiveness breeds forgiveness. Increasingly, we will find ourselves releasing those who have wronged us. In so doing, they experience the overflow of God’s grace and forgiveness. Give up the right to hurt others when they hurt you.

  • Light and Life

    Devotionals | May 20, 2016

    In the same way that the sun radiates its life-giving light, Jesus shines His light into the world. His light brings life, and gives us light to find our way. He calls us to carry His light everywhere we go today.