Articles | April 2016

  • The Whole Truth

    Devotionals | April 08, 2016

    Do we believe that Jesus fully reflects and represents the truth about God? John the Baptizer’s testimony about Jesus was that in all things Jesus has the supremacy and priority. If this is true, then we know God to the extent that we know Jesus. Do you want to know what matters to God, how He wants you to live, what He values most? Then look at Jesus and listen to what He teaches. Having seen and heard, we are then called to follow Him in spirit and in truth.

  • Mick Ukleja, Founder and President of LeadershipTraQ and an expert on ethics shares with us insights fro his book titled Managing the Millennials.

    Mick addresses the generational gap and potential pitfalls that can occur when those who manage Millennials and emerging generations fail to both understand it and adjust their managing style to the behavior and the needs of the younger generations.

  • Phyllis

    Who’s in Your Penalty Box? The Super-Natural Act of Forgiveness

    Blog | Phyllis Hennecy Hendry | April 06, 2016

    Humanly speaking, forgiveness is impossible.

    Probably everyone on the planet has been hurt by the actions or words of another person. The experiences of hurt come in a variety of ways, from broken trust to broken people. A partner sabotages your business; your spouse has an affair; a family member turns others against you; members of your church criticize you; a person you love is abusive; or someone injures a loved one. As followers of Jesus, we are taught we must forgive.

  • A Life-Changing Encounter: James

    Devotionals | April 06, 2016

    One of the more remarkable changes in the New Testament is that of Jesus’ brother James. Barely visible in the Gospels until after his post-resurrection encounter with Jesus, James emerged as one of the leaders of the early church in Jerusalem. With wisdom and diplomacy, he collaborated with others to spread the message of Jesus. With humility and God-confidence, his epistle called believers to live by faith in challenging days. What changed James into a powerful servant of God? He met the living Lord.

  • At the age of 69, engineer Joaquin García was slated to receive a special commendation from his boss for his longtime service to the company.  There was only one problem. When they went to deliver the award to his desk, no one could find him.  

    In fact, Joaquin hadn’t shown up for work in more than six years – and not a single person had noticed!

  • A Private Meeting

    Devotionals | April 04, 2016

    Peter’s restoration as a disciple occurred first privately. Isn’t that just like Jesus? His humility and love led Him to seek out and restore His lost and hurting disciple. His love and humility work the same way today. He seeks us in the private places of our hearts, coming to find us when pride and fear have destroyed our fellowship with Him and our ability to lead in His name. Jesus, the resurrected Lord, seeks you today. Where will He find you?

  • A New Normal

    Devotionals | April 01, 2016

    Can you imagine the disciples’ thoughts on this Friday? It was just a week since they had seen Jesus crucified and buried. But this Friday was radically different. Today, they knew Jesus in a way that they had never known Him before. Peter’s early confession of Jesus as God’s Anointed One had proven true. This same Jesus is still alive today. How is He changing your perspective in light of His resurrection?