Articles | March 2016

  • New Horizons

    Devotionals | March 11, 2016

    Although Jesus set far-reaching goals for His first disciples, it took persecution and God-inspired vision to prompt them to move beyond their comfort zones. We, too, need to beware of becoming overly comfortable with leading where we are, with the people we know, using familiar methods to seek familiar goals. God is passionately seeking to find the lost, transform lives, and make Himself known in the world. Where is God calling you to look beyond your present circumstances and glimpse new horizons of leadership?

  • Learning to Collaborate with the Right EGO

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | March 10, 2016

    Effective collaboration is not something that “just happens.” It must be cultivated. This is true in business, sports, and even marriage.

    When things are going well, it’s easy to collaborate. Everyone is focused, filled with passion, and having fun. But not so much when there is chaos, and you’re under pressure to produce results.

    So, what is the main barrier to effective collaboration?

  • Unlearning

    Devotionals | March 09, 2016

    What do we need to unlearn in order to lead like Jesus? What patterns of life and leadership that we have accepted and relied upon does Jesus call us to lay down? God calls us to unlearn habits of self-indulgence, people-pleasing, and prideful assumptions that ‘we know what is best’ and learn to live in self-control, humility, and God-confidence for the benefit of others. Let the Leader in you show!

  • Evaluating Feedback

    Devotionals | March 07, 2016

    Criticism is a given in life and leadership. When we focus on exalting ourselves, boasting of who we are and what we have done, criticism is sure to catapult us into distress. Humble leaders, confident in their identity, security, and significance in God, are increasingly able to receive and evaluate feedback, whether positive or negative. Paul’s criticism of Peter was aimed at reminding Peter to live by the truth of Christ so that others would not be led astray. Let criticism shape you to be more like Jesus for the benefit of those you influence.

  • A Better Way Forward

    Devotionals | March 04, 2016

    Each of us have times when we realize that what we have been doing isn’t working. At those times, we have a choice to make. Will we continue to persist in unproductive, even harmful, patterns, or will we choose to think and act differently? The choice is ours to make. We cannot continue to edge God out of our leadership and expect to see the results and relationships He desires. Do you want a better way forward? The choice is yours.

  • Tommy Spaulding, President of the Spaulding Companies, is a leadership expert, keynote speaker and an author of two New York Times best sellers: It's Not Just Who You Know and The Heart-Led Leader.

    Tommy's humble upbringing, and his struggles with severe dyslexia , which always left him feeling like he is not "good enough," set the stage for Tommy's incredible success as a leader and an entrepreneur.

  • Phyllis

    Abiding in God's Love

    Blog | Phyllis Hennecy Hendry | March 02, 2016

    I recently had an experience in a fast-food restaurant that reminded me of what it is to love without conditions.

    Walking toward the drink machine, I saw a little girl of about three waiting while her dad filled their cups. The girl saw me and ran to me, smiling, and I smiled back. The girl’s dad walked over and explained that his daughter had never run up to a stranger that way before. I said I must look like someone the girl knows.

  • A Sure Foundation

    Devotionals | March 02, 2016

    Isaiah proclaimed a message of encouragement and hope for Israel, pointing them to the confidence and courage they could have in God. The Lord remains the same today, the sure hope of His people, a foundation that we can depend upon during our most challenging times. Do you need wisdom today? Do you need His intervention? He will not, He cannot, fail you.