Articles | February 2016

  • Trusting God’s Timing

    Devotionals | February 29, 2016

    Some days come with unexpected possibilities, new opportunities to take stock of where we are and where we want to be. Sometimes the opportunities present themselves positively, filled with joy, excitement, and potential. Other times the opportunities come cloaked in sadness, confusion, or change. God is writing our stories as part of His larger story, positioning us where He needs us. His timing may catch us unexpectedly, but it is His timing, nevertheless. Where is He calling you to trust His timing today?

  • A Place to Begin

    Devotionals | February 26, 2016

    Sometimes the challenges in front of us loom so large that we don’t know where to start. The weight of what needs to be accomplished seems to hold us in place, sapping our strength and paralyzing our ability to think. Fear has us in its hold. Recognizing fear’s presence, naming it, begins the process of releasing us from its power. We turn to the Lord, humble ourselves before Him, and yield ourselves to His care and guidance. He reassures us of His presence, and fears begin to dissipate as He renews our hearts and minds.

  • A recent homily by Pope Francis about a danger that leaders face revived vivid memories of my days teaching junior high students in our parish’s religious education program. As is typical of newly emerging teens in our culture, they were inclined to see the Bible as just one more pious artifact that had little or no relevance to their hip interests and cool lifestyles.

  • Tommy Spaulding, President of the Spaulding Companies, is a leadership expert, keynote speaker and an author of two best sellers: It's Not Just Who You Know and The Heart-Led Leader.

    Tommy's humble upbringing, and his struggles with severe dyslexia , which always left him feeling like he is not "good enough," set the stage for Tommy's incredible success as a leader and an entrepreneur.

  • Distracted by Worry

    Devotionals | February 24, 2016

    What has worry ever done for us? As those who lead like Jesus, we have to acknowledge that Jesus didn’t worry. He was concerned about completing what God had given Him to do, but worry didn’t hold Him back. Jesus’ example in dealing with potential worries is clear: Take your concerns to the Father in prayer. Are you concerned for family and friends? Pray. Are you burdened with heavy responsibilities? Pray. Don’t know what to do? Pray. Trust the Father to provide what you need.

  • Don’t Hang Your Hanger on the Sprinkler!

    Blog | Kim Rider | February 23, 2016

    I was on a business trip recently and noticed a sticker below the sprinklers in my motel room. It had an image of a hanger and that infamous red circle with a line through it. Under that was the following statement: “Do not hang anything on fire sprinkler.” Obviously, someone, at some point in time, tried this and created the reason these stickers now hang in motel rooms under the sprinklers.

  • Wholly Trustworthy

    Devotionals | February 22, 2016

    God is the creator and sustainer of the universe. He has not, does not, and will not abandon His people. The surest way to restore our leadership perspective is to refocus on who He is and who we are in relationship to Him. Invite His Spirit to replace your anxious thoughts with His truth and perspective. Where do you need to hear these words today? Move trustingly into today praising and resting in Him. Today, like every day, He is trustworthy.

  • Lessons to Be Learned

    Devotionals | February 19, 2016

    How many lessons to be learned are there in Jesus’ life? Think of His devotion to the Father, of His service for the lost, hurting, and lonely. Think of how much the disciples learned as they walked with Jesus day by day. Yet John’s gospel reminds us that only a portion of all that Jesus did is captured in the Bible. We can catch glimpses of what the disciples learned as we, too, walk with Him daily. There is so much more. What will you learn today?

  • Somewhere out there, Kevin Bacon is smiling.

    Most of us have at least heard of the concept of “degrees of separation.” The concept goes like this: each of us knows someone, who knows someone else, who knows someone else. In this way, we are all connected to one another at some level, and each person along this chain of connections is considered a “degree of separation.”

  • Phil Cooke is an internationally known writer and speaker, as well as a Co-Founder and President of Cooke Pictures. He is an author of One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do, which was among top five business books in 2012. Phil's creative work includes working with Billy Graham, Joyce Myers, Hillsong and many others.