Articles | April 2015

  • Jakarta Indonesia

    In support of the growing opportunities for leadership training and development throughout Southeast Asia, Chief International Officer Jim Montgomery will travel to Indonesia and the Philippines during the month of May.

    Jim will be traveling to Jakarta, Indonesia, May 4-11 to help develop a strategy for national expansion and to train facilitators. There will also be two Encounters held during his time there — one for ministry and church leaders, and one for 50 business leaders in Jakarta.

  • An Endless Supply

    Devotionals | April 29, 2015

    What do you need today in order to lead like Jesus leads? Wisdom, grace, understanding, compassion, courage, confidence, humility, strength, patience, encouragement? Jesus found all that He needed in His Father. In relationship with the Father, Jesus could freely pour out His need in prayer, knowing that He was being heard and that His Father would answer out of His unending goodness and love. We can have that same confidence. The Father is a trustworthy confidante, and He is more than willing to lead us as we look to Him.

  • Millennials

    Today’s young people who fall into the Millennial generation (born approximately between 1980 and 2000) are receiving an education that concentrates almost entirely on developing intellectual intelligence instead of emotional intelligence. Upon graduation, many of them find themselves ill equipped for a workforce that is primarily looking for people of character. 

  • American Heritage Girls

    Inspired by eternity and focused on character development, the American Heritage Girls scouting organization (AHG) fosters integrity, hearts for service, and faithfulness to God.

    Ever seeking to increase their effectiveness, AHG leadership asked Lead Like Jesus Strategic Partnership Consultant Julie Georggin to lead their staff in a leadership retreat at the end of March. Julie also helped facilitate the strategic action planning meeting, a time set aside for the Christian organization to determine action steps to accomplish goals set for the upcoming three years.

  • A Story to Tell

    Devotionals | April 27, 2015

    Everyone has a story, a story of where they have come from, what has shaped them, who is important to them, where they hope to go, what they hope to achieve. Our stories shape our lives, just as the larger story in which we find ourselves shapes us. Finding ourselves in God's story and in relationship to Jesus transforms our stories and infuses them with meaning. What story does your life tell?

  • This Is Our Father's World

    Devotionals | April 24, 2015

    God's desire to create and nurture life is reflected in the world He made. His creative power transformed darkness and chaos into light and life. In Jesus' incarnation, the life of God entered the world in a unique way, unleashing new waves of love's creative, life-giving power. Jesus sends us to continue His work of reflecting God's light and life into every sphere of life.

  • We Do Not Travel Alone

    Devotionals | April 22, 2015

    Who is helpful to you in the work God has called you to? Who works alongside of you so that together you accomplish more than you could on your own? Jesus had disciples to whom He entrusted the next phase of His master plan. Paul had traveling companions along with personal representatives that stayed on to complete work that he had begun. Under duress, both Jesus and Paul called their closest friends to their side to keep them going. At home, at work, let those around you know how much you value them and their partnership.

  • A Needed Transfusion

    Devotionals | April 20, 2015

    The temptation to live our lives in our own strength is always before us, just as it was for Jesus. Yet Jesus consciously chose to live life in dependence on the Holy Spirit and according to what He saw the Father doing. He offers us the opportunity to exchange our lives for His, to be made new, to let Him live within us. What difference would it make to your interactions with others to accept His offer today?