Larry Lloyd: How Do You Steward Your Leadership?

Larry Lloyd: How Do You Steward Your Leadership?

Getting out of our comfort zone

Dr. Larry Lloyd is the President of the Memphis Leadership Foundation, Vice-President of National Impact, and the author of Recovering from Racism: City Ministry in Post-Racial America.

In today’s podcast Dr. Lloyd shares his personal journey of growing up in racially charged Southern USA city, and he recounts events that finally led him to discover Jesus as the most radical leader, who loved everyone, regardless of their skin color or socio-economic status.

His discovery of the true Jesus of the Gospels led Dr. Lloyd on a journey to become an advocate in his local community for change and reconciliation.

Serving leadership done in the name of Jesus, one that considers others before self, is a model that Dr. Lloyd says will usher transformation in our towns, schools, churches and entire communities.