• God's Faithfulness

    Devotionals | January 26, 2018

    Jeremiah’s deep sorrow over Jerusalem’s destruction spills out in the book of Lamentations. In the midst of it all, Jeremiah clings to God’s name, His character. Jeremiah’s words remind us that we as leaders bear the stress and sorrow of both God and people. Following in His footsteps and the footsteps of Jesus, we look to God’s unchanging character and cling to Him in all circumstances. God’s eternal faithfulness is the bedrock of our hope as leaders.

  • The Importance of Love

    Devotionals | January 24, 2018

    Love is the essence of leading like Jesus. God’s love for us, demonstrated in Jesus’ selfless coming to do for us what we could not do for ourselves, opens the way into relationship with God. As God’s love is poured out into our hearts, its selfless and redemptive power transforms us. As we practice habits that draw us closer in our relationship with God, we begin to love like He loves, to lay down our lives in pursuit of His priorities and the people He loves. Let love lead you to selflessly lead like Jesus today.

  • Encouragement

    Devotionals | January 22, 2018

    Have you ever stopped to consider the importance of encouragement, the act of coming alongside another person? This is what the Spirit does for us as He breathes new life, hope, comfort, and guidance into our lives. This is who we are called to be, leaders who serve people by coming alongside them to help them according to their needs. Sometimes our encouragement is tangible and practical, other times it comes through words and presence. Everyone everywhere needs encouragement. Where do you need God’s encouragement? Who will you come alongside today in Jesus’ name?

  • What’s Next

    Devotionals | January 19, 2018

    “What’s next?” It’s a question we’re all familiar with. We often ask it in pursuit of achieving a goal or with a sense of accomplishment in completing a task. Conversely, it may come from a sense of confusion, failure or hopelessness. The answer may be readily apparent, or it may require reflection and critical thinking. As you pursue the answer to your ‘what’s next’ question, seek God’s perspective so that you can move forward with confidence. Where are you asking God for direction?

  • Opposition

    Devotionals | January 17, 2018

    We all face opposition in our leadership at times, just as Jesus faced opposition to His leadership. But God gives us His Word and Spirit to meet the challenges, and Jesus’ example shows us the way forward. His responses to opposition range from silence to rebuke, exhortation, correction, redirection and witness as He persevered under pressure. Seek God’s guidance when you face opposition, and focus on exalting Him only.

  • Refreshed in the Lord

    Devotionals | January 15, 2018

    David often refreshed himself in the Lord, as did the prophets and Jesus Himself. Christians throughout the ages, those who faced ongoing social rejection and persecution, did the same. All of them called upon God to renew their spirits and show Himself strong on their behalf. Where do you need God to renew you and show Himself strong on behalf of you and others?

  • Eyes on God

    Devotionals | January 12, 2018

    As leaders, we are called to look with clear eyes at the reality before us. Sometimes what we see feels overwhelming, and we realize that without God’s intervention the outlook is bleak. Such clarity can lead to personal discouragement at a time when others need us to help them find the way forward. But God does not call us to face the present or the future alone. He calls us to keep our eyes on Him as He personally cares for, leads, serves, and carries us into the future.

  • Ordering Your Leadership

    Devotionals | January 10, 2018

    The demands of the world and of other people push in against us constantly, and we may be tempted to think that leading by serving means that we routinely make ourselves subservient to their demands. This is not the case. Jesus Himself did not always do what people wanted or expected of Him. His obedience was to the Father alone. At the Father’s direction, Jesus discerned when and how to meet the needs of others. His doing so was to lead them to a growing understanding of God’s presence, goodness, and power.

  • Spirit-led Journey

    Devotionals | January 08, 2018

    Throughout his epistles, Paul constantly returns to the theme of being saved by God’s grace through Christ Jesus, apart from any human efforts to earn a right standing with God. Building on that foundation, he speaks of the quality of life that flows from becoming new creations in Jesus. His messages culminate with exhortations to turn from worldly practices and to focus on practices and habits that support and reflect the new life we have in Jesus.

  • Going Where God Leads

    Devotionals | January 05, 2018

    As the Christmas season draws to a close, we remember the Magi—the wise men—who followed the signs they had in order to find the newly born king. Not satisfied with the wisdom they already possessed, they pressed forward to seek greater wisdom. They journeyed to find the Christ child at great personal cost and with great humility and courage. Will our lives reflect their commitment to seeking and following the truth God has given us? How committed are you to reorienting your life and leadership journey around seeking, worshiping and following Jesus?