• The Baby in the Manger

    Devotionals | December 25, 2017

    Look at the newborn infant. With Mary and Joseph, gaze upon the miraculous Son of God, Jesus (‘the Lord saves’), whose mission is to save people from their sins. Don’t rush past this moment. Don’t lose sight of the child in the midst of celebration, hardship, struggle, or daily tasks. Remember that the Creator God of the universe entered the joys and sorrows of this world so that you could be redeemed. In His name, He sends you to carry Jesus’ presence into your own world. Let this truth linger in your heart and reshape your leadership.

  • The Long-awaited Manger

    Devotionals | December 24, 2017

    Can you imagine the joy at the manger? The long-awaited and anticipated plan of God was coming to fulfillment at last! The angel spoke of “great joy for all the people” (Lk. 2:10) and then was joined by a huge number of angels praising God and proclaiming God’s glory! Christmas is the heavenly celebration of love, hope, peace, and joy breaking into the world. Christmas is the wellspring that enables us to break out of our self-serving nature and transforms us into serving leaders.

  • Drawn to the Manger

    Devotionals | December 22, 2017

    The story of God becoming one of us challenges people’s presuppositions about who God is and how people relate to God. We rightly and intuitively understand that God is greater than we are, and in our humanness, we understand the desire for greatness, to have God-like power and control over the circumstances of our lives. But do we understand the desire to serve that prompted the incarnation? How counterintuitive it is to think of the God of the universe humbly taking on human flesh as a helpless baby. Yet this is God-like greatness.

  • All Eyes on Jesus

    Devotionals | December 20, 2017

    Jesus’ original disciples had to work through the implications of His life and teachings in their lives and culture, just like we do. Sometimes they got it right, sometimes they got it wrong, and the whole time, people were watching. In Galatia, Peter’s fear-based behavior negatively influenced the behavior of other leaders and believers. Where do you need to keep your eyes on Jesus, not on other people, regardless of who they are, so your leadership points to Jesus?

  • Better Together

    Devotionals | December 18, 2017

    Scripture reveals the apostle Paul as a strong, confident, assertive leader who boldly took the gospel across cultural and ethnic boundaries throughout the Roman Empire. It also reveals Paul as a man who forged alliances and partnerships with fellow believers. His letters often contain greetings to believers and leaders with whom he partnered in ministry; many of these letters come from both Paul and one of his trusted associates. To whom do you look for accountability, clarification, advice, and support? 

  • The Way of the Manger

    Devotionals | December 15, 2017

    No one anticipated that God’s Chosen and Anointed One would enter the world in such a humble way. Certainly, no one expected that God Himself would become Immanuel, ‘God with us,’ by becoming a vulnerable child born to a young, unmarried peasant woman. Yet God’s vision and God’s way is not the way of the world. To make us into the men and women He wants us to be, He willingly and humbly came to the manger, not as an observer, but as a participant in accomplishing His purposes in the world. 

  • A Leader Who Strengthens Others

    Devotionals | December 13, 2017

    Deborah gave her life in service to God and His people. Her wisdom and discernment brought stability during a time of oppression. When the time came for God to move on behalf of His people, God’s chosen leader would not move forward without Deborah at his side. Are you a leader who serves with God-given wisdom and discernment? Are others able to depend on you, knowing that You have God’s purposes in mind and will stand beside them to see God’s plan accomplished?

  • Advice or Wisdom

    Devotionals | December 11, 2017

    Many people give advice, while others are sources of wisdom. How can you tell one from the other? Advice typically comes in the form of opinion and reflects the viewpoint of the person offering it. Wisdom, the kind of wisdom that Jesus exhibited in His life, has the ring of God’s truth about it, an overarching truth that transcends human understanding. Even His enemies marveled at Jesus’ selfless, God-centered wisdom. Do you give advice or offer godly wisdom?

  • Traveling toward the Manger

    Devotionals | December 08, 2017

    Mary and Joseph had to say goodbye to comfort and familiarity to become part of God’s plan. The need to travel to Bethlehem wasn’t their choice nor was it convenient for them, but it turned out to be part of God’s plan. Becoming part of what God is doing required humility and faith for them, just as it does for us. As you travel toward the manger this year, what is God calling you to give up so that you can become part of what He is doing to bring light and life to the world?

  • Inclinations of the Heart

    Devotionals | December 06, 2017

    Scripture repeatedly emphasizes the importance of guarding our hearts and tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. What we center our lives around, what we treasure in our hearts, and what we consciously choose to focus on matter. These things matter because they shape the pattern of our lives and influence the choices we make in the spur of the moment. Our lives reflect the inclinations of our hearts. What shapes the inclinations of your heart, the fear of the Lord that leads to wisdom or the fear of the world?