Lead Like Jesus faces an incredible, unprecedented opportunity to help transform entire communities, from the inside out.

In partnership with well-established ministries throughout Africa and Asia, Lead Like Jesus is positioned to train 4,000 Church Planters over the next 5 years!

The grassroots impact of a single indigenous Church Planter who is trained to lead like Jesus is exponential. Already fluent in the language and culture of the communities they aspire to reach, Church Planters share the Gospel with their neighbors, starting Bible studies and establishing new Jesus-centered churches where no churches exist.

Through their influence, Church Planters lay the foundation for families, communities, villages and entire nations to be transformed by Jesus!

But we must have adequate funding for their training, materials and ongoing support.

The cost to provide training, materials and ongoing support for a single church planter for 12-18 months is $2,500. 

Please consider a gift today so that Church Planters are able change lives, communities, and entire nations…from the ground up!

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Impact Story: “Here I am, Lord. Use me.”

As a civil servant in Nigeria, Olusegun felt himself in a comfortable position. Yet, he knew God was calling him to something bigger – to establish churches were none exist. 

Now as a Lead Like Jesus-trained Church Planter, Olusegun has a vision for reaching more than 100,000 people for Jesus.

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How Does Church Planting Work?

Church Planter trainees are carefully selected by their sending churches and screened by our ministry partners. The courses are taught by Lead Like Jesus-trained mentors and consist of monthly or bi-monthly sessions over 12-18 months.

Trainees learn within a cohort of 30-40 church planters, and they receive comprehensive training that prepares them in every major aspect to establish a new church. They will begin with a Lead Like Jesus Encounter workshop, and then Lead Like Jesus principles will be woven throughout every session, including:

  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Small Group Development and the Church
  • Developing a Church that Leads Like Jesus
  • Worship and Community
  • Teaching God’s Word
  • Reaching Youth and Families
  • Vision and Mission

The Impact

Church Planters prayerfully and strategically choose to minister in communities throughout Africa and Asia that do not have a church presence. Since these men and women are local people, they will be able to continue ministering to others and replicating how to lead like Jesus. Having shared language and cultural backgrounds, there are fewer barriers to ministry.

By the end of their 18 months of training, each Church Planter will have established at least one church. Most Church Planters go on to establish MULTIPLE churches within their surrounding communities.

Church Planter Sponsorship

By sponsoring a Church Planter, or a group of Church Planters, you will have tremendous influence in the lives of men and woman who are on the front lines of fulfilling the Great Commission.

The cost to provide training, materials and ongoing support for a single church planter is $2,500. An entire cohort of 30 church planters can be trained and supported for $75,000.

Your sponsorship will be of a particular individual or group – whom you will come to know by face and by name, as you will receive regular reports about their ongoing training and impact.

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