• Tami Heim is President/CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance. Her professional career includes executive leadership experience in the technology, marketing, publishing and retail industries. She has served as a partner in The A Group – a marketing technology group in Nashville, TN, executive vice president and chief publishing officer for Thomas Nelson Publishers, and as the president of Borders, Inc.

    In today’s podcast Tami shares three nuggets of wisdom for the next generation of leaders. Tami’s words of advice for young leaders are:

  • A Role to Play

    Devotionals | January 03, 2018

    Lead Like Jesus’ vision is that one day everyone everywhere will be impacted by someone who leads like Jesus. Fulfilling this God-sized vision requires humble dependence upon God, for only He can transform lives to the extent that people will be able to live, love, and lead like Jesus did. If you are reading this devotional, God has a role for you to play in serving others for the glory of God and developing them to lead like Jesus did. How will your leadership today bring this vision one step closer to reality?

  • Living into the Future

    Devotionals | January 01, 2018

    The first day of the year can hold the hope of a fresh start, a new beginning, and excitement in facing the future. Like the start of every new day, week, and month, we see time moving onward, and we sense ourselves being drawn into the future. Wherever this new year finds you, be assured that God is present, and He is inviting you to live into the future with confidence, depending on Him each step of the way. Resolve to exalt God only, and to follow Jesus step by step. This is the path to life, today and every day.

  • Looking through His Eyes

    Devotionals | December 29, 2017

    Many of us use this time of year to review how God is at work in, around, and through us. Is this your practice? What if you take some time before the end of the year to reflect on your leadership journey using questions like these: “What do you see when you look at this year through God’s eyes? How have you experienced God’s faithfulness? How is He growing you as a leader? How is He using you in your spheres of influence? What is He calling you to in the year ahead?” Who can you invite to join you in acknowledging God’s faithfulness and seeking His guidance?

  • Feeling Overlooked in Your Workplace?

    Wait for Advancement or Move On?

    Q&A | December 28, 2017

    I know that we are leaders everywhere and at all times—Jesus modeled that for us. But I have an issue that I’ve been struggling with. I’ve been overlooked for leadership positions in my company, although I believe I am qualified. How can I know whether I should continue doing my best where I am, hoping for advancement, or just move on?



    Leslie sent in the above question asking for biblical wisdom on how to deal with the tension she feels between her desire for advancement and feeling overlooked as a leader in her workplace.

  • Leadership or Life

    Blog | Karen McGuire | December 28, 2017

    Do you prefer to be liked and appreciated or would you rather be mistreated? Do you prefer to be understood when you speak or would you rather be misunderstood?

    Silly questions, I know. I don’t know anyone who would answer either question in the negative. Sometimes, however, it is the way we treat each other.

  • Living and Leading in Light of the Manger

    Devotionals | December 27, 2017

    The shepherds left the manger infused with a new purpose and carrying a message of God’s promise fulfilled. Yes, they went back to their jobs as shepherds, caring for their flocks and earning a living for their families, but they were not the same people as before. They had a new assurance of whose they were and a new sense of who they were. What about us? How does the reality of the manger reshape our sense of identity and calling?

  • What’s On Your Plate?

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | December 26, 2017

    We do something unique at the end of every year. We call it doing our “plates”. This tradition has been a part of our life since 2000, and is now vigorously anticipated by our adult children. In fact, the discussion about the end of the year always has the question, “When are we doing our plates?”

    As parents of adults and one grandboy we’re thrilled to see an activity we began when our children were 11 and 15 still being embraced and now passed along to the next generation.

  • The Baby in the Manger

    Devotionals | December 25, 2017

    Look at the newborn infant. With Mary and Joseph, gaze upon the miraculous Son of God, Jesus (‘the Lord saves’), whose mission is to save people from their sins. Don’t rush past this moment. Don’t lose sight of the child in the midst of celebration, hardship, struggle, or daily tasks. Remember that the Creator God of the universe entered the joys and sorrows of this world so that you could be redeemed. In His name, He sends you to carry Jesus’ presence into your own world. Let this truth linger in your heart and reshape your leadership.